Eugenio García

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We present a Built-In-Current-Sensor (BICS) based on monitoring the supply current peak of CMOS opamps using the oscillation-test-strategy. The BICS takes a weighed sample of the current through each opamp current branch and monitors the peak value under oscillation. An envelope detector and additional digital circuitry is used to provide a pass/fail flag.(More)
Little is known about the effect of specimen preparation and testing protocols on the micro-shear bond strength (μSBS) results. To evaluate whether variations in polyethylene rod use affect (μSBS)). Human dentin disks were randomly distributed into six groups (n = 5): polyethylene tube (3 levels) and adhesive system (2 levels). In Group 1, polyethylene(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the frequency of inadvertent penetration of the digital flexor tendon sheath (DFTS) and/or distal interphalangeal joint (DIPJ) when using a direct endoscopic approach to the navicular bursa, and to evaluate an alternate direct approach to the navicular bursa. STUDY DESIGN Cadaveric study. SAMPLE POPULATION Equine cadaver limbs (n =(More)
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