Eugenio Donato

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Inter-comparisons in the gas exchange patterns and root characteristics under both well-watered and drought conditions were done in three-years-old seedlings of three oak species (Quercus cerris L., Q. frainetto Ten., and Q. ilex L.) growing in controlled environment. Well-watered Q. cerris had greater physiological performances than other oaks, but under(More)
BACKGROUND Subjects living close to high traffic roads (HTR) are more likely to suffer from air-pollution related morbidity and mortality. The issue has large public health consequences but few studies have described the main socio-demographic characteristics of people exposed to traffic. OBJECTIVES To characterise a large cohort of residents in Rome(More)
The need to collect data representative of overall urban pollution is all-important in order to monitor the population exposure. High spatial resolution monitoring using diffusive samplers allows studying of the urban pollutant distribution, thus enabling deeper investigation of their generation and diffusion mechanisms. Nevertheless, such a monitoring(More)
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