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A tractor stability simulator has been developed to help study tractor operators' perceptions of angles when the simulator is tilted to the side. The simulator is a trailer-mounted tractor cab equipped with hydraulic lift that can tilt the tractor cabin up to 30 degrees. This paper summarizes data from 82 participants who sat in the simulator while it was(More)
BACKGROUND All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are unstable on steep and rough terrain, and thus, rollover is the most common accident which can result in a high rate of fatal outcomes, with higher rates for young and male drivers. OBJECTIVE This paper investigates the ability of rural Pennsylvania ATV drivers to correctly evaluate slopes, and the mean slope(More)
This study investigated the extent to which a sample of Italian users comprehended safety pictorials used on agricultural machinery. A questionnaire with 12 safety pictorials was administered to 248 users of agricultural machinery. For each of the pictorials, the participants were asked to select the most appropriate description of four written choices. The(More)
New technologies have a potential to contribute to achieving significant economic, social and environmental benefits in agriculture sector. However, the adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have encountered some difficulties among farmers. This paper reports investigations on the adoption of ICT in agriculture among Italian tractors(More)
Starvation causes insulin resistance which is partly due to decrease of insulin action on glucose transport in target cells. Preliminary data from other authors suggest that starvation is associated with an increase of the time necessary for insulin to exert its maximum effect on glucose transport. In order to verify this finding, 3-O-methylglucose (3OMG)(More)
OBJECTIVES To perform an ergonomic analysis of work and machinery-related risks in a group of Swedish older farmers, investigating farmers' attitudes and perceptions about: 1) health status and work motivation, 2) physical and cognitive workload and difficulties in the interaction with machinery and technological innovations, and 3) risks and safety(More)
INTRODUCTION Pictograms affixed to agricultural machinery are important tools to reduce the occurrence of accidents and injuries when correctly noticed, comprehended, and followed. This study investigated the knowledge of safety pictograms used in agricultural machinery in a sample of farmers and farm workers and examined the factors influencing their(More)
Agricultural and earth-moving machinery operators are particularly exposed to whole-body vibration (WBV), which has severe effects on health and affects comfort and performance. Few studies have investigated vibrational safety and comfort issues in telescopic handlers. These vehicles are widespread in many off-road applications-such as construction,(More)
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