Eugenio Alberto Aragón-Noriega

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After damming the Colorado River the freshwater flow was reduced to 1% of its virgin flow to the Upper Gulf of California (UGC). The ecological effects need to be properly documented. The UGC is the nursery area for Litopenaeus stylirostris, the most profitable fishery in the zone. In order to know the relative abundance of L. stylirostris postlarval stage(More)
Growth models of marine animals, for fisheries and/or aquaculture purposes, are based on the popular von Bertalanffy model. This tool is mostly used because its parameters are used to evaluate other fisheries models, such as yield per recruit; nevertheless, there are other alternatives (such as Gompertz, Logistic, Schnute) not yet used by fishery(More)
Conservation biologists generally follow one of two paradigms, one emphasizes the ultimate causes of species extinction, the other, the proximate causes. The two paradigms must be integrated to fully realize species recovery, however, there are practical limitations to doing so in most situations involving endangered species. In particular, it is difficult(More)
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