Eugenia Muñoz-Bernal

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Molecular characterization of wine yeast population during spontaneous fermentation in biodynamic wines from Ribera del Duero D.O. located at northern plateau of Spain has been carried out during two consecutive years. A total of 829 yeast strains were isolated from the samples and characterized by electrophoretic karyotype. The results show the presence of(More)
Saccharomyces bayanus var. uvarum plays an important role in the fermentation of red wine from the D.O. Ribera del Duero. This is due to the special organoleptic taste that this yeast gives the wines and their ability to ferment at low temperature. To determine the molecular factors involved in the fermentation process at low temperature, a differential(More)
Yeasts are unicellular fungi that are frequently used as a model and tools in basic science studies. This is the case of the laboratory yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which were introduced in the laboratory for genetics and molecular studies in about 1935. There is, however, a second type of yeast comprising those used in industrial processes, for(More)
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