Eugenia M. Clerico

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This report investigates the concept that severe constipation requiring major abdominal surgery may result from one of three common causes: 1) colonic inertia, 2) pelvic hiatal hernia, or 3) both colonic inertia and pelvic hernia. This study evaluates the symptoms, anatomy and outcome in 201 patients with severe surgical constipation treated by a single(More)
Protein folding in cells is regulated by networks of chaperones, including the heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) system, which consists of the Hsp40 cochaperone and a nucleotide exchange factor. Hsp40 mediates complex formation between Hsp70 and client proteins prior to interaction with Hsp90. We used mass spectrometry (MS) to monitor assemblies formed between(More)
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