Eugenia Lyashenko

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Computational identification of prognostic biomarkers capable of withstanding follow-up validation efforts is still an open challenge in cancer research. For instance, several gene expression profiles analysis methods have been developed to identify gene signatures that can classify cancer sub-phenotypes associated with poor prognosis. However, signatures(More)
A synapomorphy is a phylogenetic character that provides evidence of shared descent. Ideally a synapomorphy is ubiquitous within the clade of related organisms and nonexistent outside the clade, implying that it arose after divergence from other extant species and before the last common ancestor of the clade. With the recent proliferation of genetic(More)
Mammalian cells operate in fluctuating environments by perceiving and reacting to a diverse set of extracellular stimuli. Detecting relative rather than absolute changes in their environments may enable cells to make decisions in diverse biological contexts . However, precise molecular mechanisms underlying such relative sensing by mammalian signaling(More)
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