Eugenia Longo

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Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) are synthetic derivatives of the sex hormone testosterone. Anabolic refers to the "growth-promoting" effect while androgenic refers to the "masculinizing" effect. It is becoming more evident that nonathletes as well as athletes are abusing AAS. Although the abuse of alcohol and other drugs contribute significantly to(More)
One hundred and two Shigella sonnei and fourteen S. flexneri strains isolated from individual patients in New York City hospitals were investigated for antibiotic resistance. The S. sonnei showed 60% resistance to ampicillin and 58% to tetracycline and streptomycin. S. flexneri showed no ampicillin resistance but 50% resistance to tetracycline. There were(More)
Thirty patients with rhinologic problems and in which the main symptom was "Permanent Nasal Blockade" were studied. We found that they presented a "Permanent and Total Chronic Nasal Blockade"-an entity defined by us as a permanent chronic obstruction of the nasal cavities that would be the clinical and anatomopathologic expression and the immunological(More)
The antimicrobial susceptibility of 718 isolates of Salmonella from humans and of 688 isolates from animals was examined. Of the 46 different serotypes among the isolates from humans, Salmonella typhimurium accounted for 34%. Thirty percent of isolates were resistant to one or more antibiotic(s). Resistance to streptomycin was most common; resistance to(More)
The definition of chronic depression necessarily calls for a review of the concept of recovery which in psychopathology is not clearly and univocally defined. The percentage of chronic evolution among depressive patients either as a persistence of depressive symptoms or as an impairment of social and professional role, ranges from 12 to 15%. Chronic(More)
Nowadays, incidental anatomical variants are frequent findings, due to the widespread diffusion of cross-sectional imaging. This case report illustrates a fairly uncommon anatomical variant, that is, the copresence of left inferior vena cava and retroaortic right renal vein reported in a 46-year-old lady, undergoing a staging CT for breast cancer. Although(More)
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