Eugenia Lefkaditou

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The identification of nursery grounds and other essential fish habitats of exploited stocks is a key requirement for the development of spatial conservation planning aimed at reducing the adverse impact of fishing on the exploited populations and ecosystems. The reduction in juvenile mortality is particularly relevant in the Mediterranean and is considered(More)
Illex coindetii is the most common benthic ommastrephid squid exploited by bottom trawl in the Mediterranean Sea. A recent study examining trends in population metrics based on data from the International Bottom Trawl Surveys in the Mediterranean (MEDITS) has shown an increasing trend in average lengths of I. coindetii sampled in the eastern Ionian Sea,(More)
Cephalopods are highly sensitive to environmental conditions and changes at a range of spatial and temporal scales. Relationships documented between cephalopod stock dynamics and environmental conditions are of two main types: those concerning the geographic distribution of abundance, for which the mechanism is often unknown, and those relating to(More)
The main goal of this study was to examine otolith microstructure and to estimate the age and growth of European hake Merluccius merluccius from the eastern Mediterranean Sea. One hundred and twenty-nine specimens ranging from 102 to 438 mm in total length (LT ) were used. Age estimations were based on the study of the otolith microstructure, which was(More)
Diet and feeding strategy of the blackmouth catshark Galeus melastomus in the deep waters of the eastern Ionian Sea were investigated. Sampling was carried out using experimental bottom longline fishing at depths ranging from 300 to 855 m in summer and autumn 2010. Diet variability with fish size, season, area, sex and depth zone was tested and only season(More)
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