Eugenia I. Papagiannakopoulou

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Network monitoring activities are surrounded by serious privacy implications. The inherent leakage-proneness is harshened due to the increasing complexity of the monitoring procedures and infrastructures, that may include multiple traffic observation points, distributed mitigation mechanisms and even inter-operator cooperation. In this paper, we report a(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new access control model that aims at addressing the privacy implications surrounding network monitoring. In fact, despite its importance, network monitoring is natively leakage-prone and, moreover, this is exacerbated due to the complexity of the highly dynamic monitoring procedures and infrastructures, that may include(More)
Access control is a crucial concept in both ICT security and privacy, providing for the protection of system resources and personal data. The increasing complexity of nowadays systems has led to a vast family of solutions fostering comprehensive access control models, with the ability to capture a variety of parameters and to incorporate them in the(More)
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