Eugenia I. Millender

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Abstract: As health care disparities become more evident in our multicultural nation, culture sensitive health research needs to be a priority in order for good health care to take place. This article will explore the literature related to acculturation stress and mental health disparities among the Mayan population. Literatures of similar but distinct(More)
Story theory can be the basis of the nurse's culturally sensitive approach to gather patients' health information and learn about and experience patients' cultural values and beliefs. This article illustrates how story theory was used at the bedside of a Guatemalan Mayan patient to develop a culturally sensitive plan of care. Because nursing facilitates(More)
Mayas, having experienced genocide, exile, and severe poverty, are at high risk for the consequences of cumulative trauma that continually resurfaces through current fear of an uncertain future. Little is known about the mental health and alcohol use status of this population. This correlational study explored t/he relationship of cumulative trauma as it(More)
AJN ▼ April 2010 ▼ Vol. 110, No. 4 both U.S. citizens and Haitians, to Florida hospitals. The American Red Cross set up reception sites at the Orlando International Airport to serve hundreds of evacuees, including dehydrated babies, diabetic patients without insulin, and patients with infected lacerations and untreated fractures. Much to be(More)
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