Eugenia Gil García

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OBJECTIVE Describe the risk behaviour relationships with road safety in adolescents. DESIGN Cross-sectional descriptive study. SETTING Madrid and Andalusia Regions, representative samples. PARTICIPANTS The sample included 3,612 in secondary school pupils from Madrid (n=1708) and Andalusia (n=1904). The survey was carried out during May and June 2007.(More)
OBJECTIVE To know the social profile of Andalusian urban adolescents and analyse the similarities and differences they have with those at risk of presenting with eating disorders. DESIGN Cross-sectional community study. Stratified cluster sampling. SETTING Public and private education institutions in Andalusian cities with more than 100 000 inhabitants(More)
OBJECTIVES To find the views of those filling out prescriptions on the factors that affect differential prescription of psychiatric medication, and on reducing the prescription; and to analyse their discourse for possible implicit gender bias. DESIGN Qualitative methodology. Semi-structured interviews conducted in 2002-2003. SETTING Urban and rural(More)
BACKGROUND A hot debate exists in our country as to the models of home care which must be developed. This study is aimed at ascertaining how the family caregivers of terminal cancer patients, of the elderly suffering from dementia and of individuals having undergone major operations in outpatient surgery programs rate the quality of the home care provided.(More)
Clinical Management Unit (CMU) is currently set in the Andalusian health institutions as the model reference management. This management model aims to make all healthcare professionals a powerful idea: the best performance of health resources is performed to drive clinical practice using the least number of diagnostic and therapeutic resources. The CMU not(More)
In this short article, the author relates, by means of a case report, a type of conflict which occurs as a result of the paradoxes derived from the current managerial model practiced in the Andalucian public hospitals. The limitations and the incompetence of a bureaucracy, rigid in compliance with its functions, and which is incapable of attending to the(More)
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