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Despite a strong commitment to promoting social change and liberation, there are few community psychology models for creating systems change to address oppression. Given how embedded racism is in institutions such as healthcare, a significant shift in the system's policies, practices, and procedures is required to address institutional racism and create(More)
This study explored the associations between 2 dimensions of Jewish identity (cultural identification and religious practice) and intentions to perform breast cancer screening. Ashkenazi Jewish women (N = 220) completed surveys as part of an ongoing study of breast cancer risk counseling. Multiple regressions examined the relationships between the 2(More)
BACKGROUND Black-white disparities in breast cancer incidence rates and birth outcomes raise concerns about potential disparities in the reproductive health of premenopausal breast cancer survivors. We examined the prevalence of preterm birth (PTB), low birthweight (LBW), and small for gestational age (SGA) by breast cancer history and effect modification(More)
Racism is part of the foundation of U.S. society and institutions, yet few studies in community psychology or organizational studies have examined how racism affects organizations. This paper proposes a conceptual framework of institutional racism, which describes how, in spite of professional standards and ethics, racism functions within organizations to(More)
In this seminar, participants will be engaged in interactive learning about community-based participatory action research (PAR), an approach to inquiry that centers on community strengths and issues, and provides people with the means to conduct systematic investigation for the purposes of education and taking systematic action to resolve specific problems.(More)
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