Eugenia Emets

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<i>KIMA</i> is a holographic surround-sound installation that visualizes telepresence as both a phonetic and a synaesthetic phenomenon. The performance piece is based on the physical conditions of cymatics--the study of physically visible sound wave patterns. Two environments, a quad surround and a holographic interface, build the framework of a telematic(More)
<i>Transmission</i> is both a telepresence performance and a research project. As a real-time visualization tool, <i>Transmission</i> creates alternate representations of neural activity through sound and vision, investigating the effect of interaction on human consciousness. As a sonification project, it creates an immersive experience for two users: a(More)
decay heats and melts the rock in its path, deep into the Earth is possible. Information on the formation, structure, and shifts deep in the Earth can be obtained by recording and analyzing acoustic signals from the recrystallization of the rock by the probe. It is shown that such capsules can be placed at a prescribed depth. Self-sinking probes can be used(More)
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