Eugenia D Eugenieva

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We investigate both experimentally and theoretically the interaction between a light beam and a photonic lattice optically induced with partially coherent light. We demonstrate a clear transition from two-dimensional discrete diffraction to discrete solitons in such a partially coherent lattice and show that the nonlinear interaction process is associated(More)
We report on the experimental observation of modulation instability of partially spatially incoherent light beams in noninstantaneous nonlinear media and show that in such systems patterns can form spontaneously from noise. Incoherent modulation instability occurs above a specific threshold that depends on the coherence properties (correlation distance) of(More)
We demonstrate anisotropic enhancement of discrete diffraction and formation of discrete-soliton trains in an optically induced photonic lattice. Such discrete behavior of light propagation was observed when a one-dimensional stripe beam was launched appropriately into a two-dimensional lattice created with partially coherent light. Our experimental results(More)
We show analytically, numerically, and experimentally that a transversely stable one-dimensional ͓͑1 1 1͒D͔ bright Kerr soliton can exist in a 3D bulk medium. The transverse instability of the soliton is completely eliminated if it is made sufficiently incoherent along the transverse dimension. We derive a criterion for the threshold of transverse(More)
We report what is believed to be the first observation of self-trapping and charge-flipping of double-charged optical vortices in two-dimensional photonic lattices. Both on- and off-site excitations lead to the formation of rotating quasi-vortex solitons, reversing the topological charges and the direction of rotation through a quadrupole-like transition(More)
We generate experimentally different types of two-dimensional Bloch waves of a square photonic lattice by employing the phase imprinting technique. We probe the local dispersion of the Bloch modes in the photonic lattice by analyzing the linear diffraction of beams associated with the high-symmetry points of the Brillouin zone, and also distinguish the(More)
We present both experimental and theoretical results on discrete solitons in two-dimensional optically-induced photonic lattices in a variety of settings, including fundamental discrete solitons, vector-like discrete solitons, discrete dipole solitons, and discrete soliton trains. In each case, a clear transition from two-dimensional discrete diffraction to(More)
We suggest and demonstrate a novel platform for the study of tunable nonlinear light propagation in two-dimensional discrete systems, based on photonic crystal fibers filled with high index nonlinear liquids. Using the infiltrated cladding region of a photonic crystal fiber as a nonlin-ear waveguide array, we experimentally demonstrate highly tunable beam(More)
We study basic properties of quiescent and rotating multipole-mode solitons supported by axially symmetric Bessel lattices in a medium with defocusing cubic nonlinearity. The solitons can be found in different rings of the lattice and are stable when the propagation constant exceeds the critical value, provided that the lattice is deep enough. In a(More)
We study interaction of a discrete vortex with a supporting pho-tonic lattice and analyze how the combined action of the lattice periodicity and the medium nonlinearity can modify the vortex structure. In particular, we describe theoretically and observe in experiment, for the first time to our knowledge, the nontrivial topological transformations of the(More)
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