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This paper presents a tabu search metaheuristic algorithm for the automatic generation of structural software tests. It is a novel work since tabu search is applied to the automation of the test generation task, whereas previous works have used other techniques such as genetic algorithms. The developed test generator has a cost function for intensifying the(More)
The use of techniques for automating the generation of software test cases is very important as it can reduce the time and cost of this process. The latest methods for automatic generation of tests use metaheuristic search techniques, i.e. Genetic Algorithms and Simulated An-nealing. There is a great deal of research into the use of Genetic Algorithms to(More)
Early in development, motoneurones are critically dependent on their target muscles for survival and differentiation. Previous studies have shown that neonatal axotomy causes massive motoneurone death and abnormal function in the surviving motoneurones. We have investigated the electrophysiological and morphological properties of motoneurones innervating(More)
Neonatal rat motoneurones are electrically coupled via gap junctions and the incidence of this coupling declines during postnatal development. The mechanisms involved in this developmental regulation of gap junctional communication are largely unknown. Here we have studied the role of NMDA receptor-mediated glutamatergic synaptic activity in the regulation(More)
The effects of a lateralized reaching task on the morphological structure of the rat motor cortex were studied during the early postweaning period. Our results show that the consistent use of one forelimb accounts for a significant decrease in the numerical density of cells and an increase in cortical thickness of the contralateral 'forelimb' motor cortex.(More)
Rats were trained in a lateralized reaching motor task during either an 'early' (22-31 days old) or a 'late' (62-71 days old) postnatal period. The 'late' group showed significant neuronal density reduction in cortical layers II-III of the contralateral motor forelimb representation. The 'early' group evidenced a similar localized contralateral effect that(More)
The habenular complex (HbCpx) is a phylogenetically conserved brain structure located in the epithalamus of vertebrates. Despite its fundamental role in decision-making processes and the proposed link between habenular dysfunction and neuropsychiatric conditions, little is known about the structural and functional organization of the HbCpx in humans. The(More)
To assess the role of the rat anteromedial extrastriate cortex (AM) in a visuospatial discrimination task, restricted bilateral ibotenic acid lesions were placed stereotaxically in this region. Gray rats with lesions in AM were trained in a task requiring them to discriminate the location of a light stimulus placed vertically at different elevations.(More)
The effects of postnatal environmental stimulation on the branching patterns of cortical dendrites were measured in rats. Pups were exposed to 4 daily multisensory enrichment sessions from days 10-24, while littermates were maintained in standard conditions. At 25 days of age, the brains were stained using the Golgi-Cox-Sholl method. Camera lucida drawings(More)