Eugenia Colón

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Sex steroids are crucial regulators of sexual differentiation and the proper development of secondary sex characteristics and patterns of sexual behavior. Since Leydig cells are the primary major producers of these steroid hormones, maintenance of the normal functions of these cells determines the reproductive capacity and fertility of males. The present(More)
Humanin (HN) is a 24 amino acids peptide with potent neuro-survival properties that protects against damage associated with Alzheimer's disease. In the present report, we have demonstrated by immunohistochemical analysis and Western blotting the pattern of expression of rat humanin (HNr) in the testis of 10- to 60-day-old rats. The Leydig cells of 10- and(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that the administration of the cytokines, interleukin-1 (IL-1) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)(20 micrograms/kg) to rats in a fasting state can produce many and perhaps most of the metabolic alterations found in patients with sepsis and injury. The purposes of the present study were 1) to define the metabolic effects of(More)
Functional gonads are mandatory for sexual reproduction and survival of higher animal species. However, at the level of the individual subject, acquired or inherited gonadal dysfunction and infertility are not commonly associated with severe life-threatening phenotypes. Medical progress and increased societal interest have led to more prioritized agendas(More)
BACKGROUND Germ cells are unique cells that possess the ability to transmit genetic information between generations. Detailed knowledge about the molecular and cellular mechanisms determining the fate of human male germ cells still remains sparse. This is partially due to ethical issues limiting the access to research material. Therefore, the mechanisms of(More)
The present investigation examines the influence of IGF-I and the role of IGF-I receptor (IGF-IR) in the apoptosis/survival of Leydig cells. Immunohistochemical analysis of the rat testis at different ages revealed that the level of the phosphorylated IGF-IR increases from birth to d 20 of postnatal life, remaining high in the adult testis. Western blotting(More)
The cytokine IL-1alpha is produced constitutively by the intact testis, but its function in this organ remains largely unknown. In this study we examined cooperation between IL-1alpha and GH and IGFs with regard to stimulation of steroidogenesis by Leydig cells from 40-d-old rats in vitro. IL-1alpha alone stimulated testosterone (T) and dihydrotestosterone(More)
In this study, 20 of recombinant human insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) was infused into normal healthy rats to examine the effects of IGF-I on glucose, protein, and energy metabolism in either overnight-fasting or parenteral-feeding states. The fed state was maintained by continuous intravenous feeding of a complete diet containing(More)
AIM Published Growth studies from Latin America are limited to growth references from Argentina and Venezuela. The aim of this study was to construct reference growth curves for height, weight, body mass index (BMI) and head circumference of Colombian children in a format that is useful for following the growth of the individual child and as a tool for(More)
The origin of pelvic serous carcinoma continues to be controversial. Recent studies of patients undergoing primary surgery for ovarian, primary peritoneal, and uterine serous carcinomas have indicated the value of complete fimbrial sampling for detecting occult serous tubal intraepithelial carcinoma (STIC). Evidence suggests that a significant proportion of(More)