Eugenia Amabile

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OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of pre-operative physiotherapy before hip arthroplasty in patients with end-stage hip osteoarthritis. DESIGN A prospective randomized controlled study. SETTING Physical medicine and rehabilitation and orthopaedic departments of Policlinico Gemelli of Rome. SUBJECTS Twenty-three patients randomized in study and control(More)
AIM Low back pain (LBP) is the main symptom of most lumbar spine diseases. This symptom, due to physical, psychological and social factors, is correlated to a real disability which can affect the quality of life (QoL.) The aim of this study is to evaluate the QoL and the disability in patients with LBP and to correlate them to clinical patterns. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Deep heating therapy (DHT) has shown to improve pain and function in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) in the short term. Benefits of superficial heating therapy (SHT) are controversial. Long-term effects of both heating modalities have not yet been investigated. AIM To compare the effects of DHT and SHT in patients with symptomatic knee(More)
BACKGROUND The influence of spirituality and religious beliefs on health-related quality of life and disability in the rehabilitation field is discussed in literature. AIM To describe the role of spiritual belief on functional recovery and health-related quality of life in acute inpatient rehabilitation ward. DESIGN Observational cross sectional study.(More)
The shoulder pain syndrome is the most frequent complication of lateral cervical neck dissection and may be caused by iatrogenic injury to the spinal accessory nerve, causing pain and functional limitation of the upper limb and of the cervical spine. Interdisciplinary collaboration and early rehabilitation can reduce the consequences of disability and the(More)
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