Eugene Yee Hing Tang

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BACKGROUND Accurate identification of individuals at high risk of dementia influences clinical care, inclusion criteria for clinical trials and development of preventative strategies. Numerous models have been developed for predicting dementia. To evaluate these models we undertook a systematic review in 2010 and updated this in 2014 due to the increase in(More)
This paper proposes a mixed-level simulator for dynamic coarse-grained reconfigurable processor (CGRP), called ReSSIM (reconfigurable system simulation implementation mechanism), and the corresponding simulation tool-chain, including task compiler, profiler and debugger. A generic modeling methodology supporting convenient extension of on-chip modules is(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiovascular disease and its risk factors have consistently been associated with poor cognitive function and incident dementia. Whether cardiovascular disease prediction models, developed to predict an individual's risk of future cardiovascular disease or stroke, are also informative for predicting risk of cognitive decline and dementia is not(More)
Louise Robinson general practitioner and professor of primary care 1 , Eugene Tang NIHR academic clinical fellow in general practice 1 , John-Paul Taylor senior clinical lecturer and honorary consultant in old age psychiatry 2 Dementia describes a clinical syndrome that encompasses difficulties in memory, language, and behaviour that leads to impairments in(More)
More and more mobile phones are equipped with multiple sensors today. This creates a new opportunity to analyze users' daily behaviors and evolve mobile phones into truly intelligent personal devices, which provide accurate context-adaptive and individualized services. This paper proposed a MAST (Movement, Action, and Situation over Time) model to explore(More)
BACKGROUND Strategies for the involvement of primary care in the management of patients with presumed or diagnosed dementia are heterogeneous across Europe. We wanted to explore attitudes of primary care physicians (PCPs) when managing dementia: (i) the most popular cognitive tests, (ii) who had the right to initiate or continue cholinesterase inhibitor or(More)
We compared the use of broth culture medium for samples taken in theatre with the standard practice of placing tissue samples in universal containers. A total of 67 consecutive patients had standard multiple samples of deep tissue harvested at surgery and distributed equally in theatre either to standard universal containers or to broth culture medium.(More)
Our population is ageing. The prevalence of dementia is increasing as the population ages. Dementia is known to share many common risk factors with coronary artery disease including age, genetics, smoking, the components of the metabolic syndrome and inflammation. Despite the growing ageing population with dementia, there is underutilization of optimal care(More)