Eugene Wessels

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On leave from 32. ¶ The contributors on this author list have contributed only to those subsections of the report, which they cosign with their name. Only those have collaborated together, whose names appear together in the header of a given subsection. Abstract. This writeup is a compilation of the predictions for the forthcoming Heavy Ion Program at the(More)
The tax gap is a phenomenon experienced by revenue collection agencies which describes the difference between the taxes due, as prescribed by legislation, and the actual taxes collected. The tax gap is mostly a result of taxpayer non-compliance, such as the failure to submit a tax return. Recent theories suggest that a taxpayer's social structure is a(More)
In 25 families with two children and one child with mental retardation, differences in coping between mothers and fathers were studied, taking into consideration the ordinal position of the handicapped child. Mothers showed more emotional stress, more self-criticism, searched more for social support and experienced more "up and down" in the process of(More)
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