Eugene Terry

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James Legg & Eklou Attiogbevi Somado & Ian Barker & Larry Beach & Hernan Ceballos & Willmer Cuellar & Warid Elkhoury & Dan Gerling & Jan Helsen & Clair Hershey & Andy Jarvis & Peter Kulakow & Lava Kumar & Jim Lorenzen & John Lynam & Matthew McMahon & Gowda Maruthi & Doug Miano & Kiddo Mtunda & Pheneas Natwuruhunga & Emmanuel Okogbenin & Phemba Pezo & Eugene(More)
Jules Pretty1*, William J. Sutherland2, Jacqueline Ashby3, Jill Auburn4, David Baulcombe5, Michael Bell6, Jeffrey Bentley7,8, Sam Bickersteth9, Katrina Brown10, Jacob Burke11, Hugh Campbell12, Kevin Chen13, Eve Crowley14, Ian Crute15, Dirk Dobbelaere16, Gareth Edwards-Jones17, Fernando FunesMonzote18, H. Charles J. Godfray19, Michel Griffon20, Phrek(More)
Agriculture continues to make major and important contributions to global GNP, but society is beginning to demand that agriculture becomes more than simply putting food on the table. Sustainable agriculture in the future will provide economic and social opportunities for the benefit of present and future generations, while maintaining and enhancing the(More)
with additional contributions from China and other Emerging Economies. Some 2000 stakeholders of agricultural research from different sectors participated in these consultations. The paper also draws on the team's analysis of the state of the world agricultural research undertaken by or for the benefit of developing countries and the rapidly changing(More)
Recent developments in agricultural science and technology have the potential to transform the agricultural sector in the developing world. These technological advances constitute key drivers of economic growth and hold great promise for poverty reduction in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Agricultural research and development in Africa is undergoing a major(More)
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