Eugene S Vysotski

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The crystal structures of calcium-loaded apo-aequorin and apo-obelin have been determined at resolutions 1.7A and 2.2 A, respectively. A calcium ion is observed in each of the three EF-hand loops that have the canonical calcium-binding sequence, and each is coordinated in the characteristic pentagonal bipyramidal configuration. The calcium-loaded(More)
The crystal structure of the photoprotein obelin (22.2 kDa) from Obelia longissima has been determined and refined to 1.7 A resolution. Contrary to the prediction of a peroxide, the noncovalently bound substrate, coelenterazine, has only a single oxygen atom bound at the C2-position. The protein-coelenterazine 2-oxy complex observed in the crystals is(More)
147 Further development of fundamental and applied research in the fields of biology, medicine, and pharr macology requires effective noninvasive technologies of realltime imaging of molecular processes both in a single cell and in the whole organism. Cloning of the gene encoding firefly luciferase marked the beginning of an intensive use of luciferases as(More)
Addition of calcium ions to the Ca(2+)-regulated photoproteins, such as aequorin and obelin, produces a blue bioluminescence originating from a fluorescence transition of the protein-bound product, coelenteramide. The kinetics of several transient fluorescent species of the bound coelenteramide is resolved after picosecond-laser excitation and streak camera(More)
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