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A new scleral search coil (SSC) tracking approach employing a planar transmitter has been developed theoretically and tested experimentally. A thin and flat transmitter is much more convenient in installation, operation, and maintenance than the conventional large cubic one. A planar transmitter also increases the mobility of SSC systems, simplifies their(More)
We present an analytical (noniterative) method for tracking biaxial magnetic sensors. Low-resolution regions (LRRs) of a biaxial transmitter are determined for the tracking of a triaxial sensor. These regions represent the reciprocal LRRs of a biaxial sensor that is tracked with a triaxial transmitter. The LRRs’ configuration suggests that at least four(More)
A model for crosstalk in three-axial induction magnetometers has been developed theoretically and verified experimentally. The effect of crosstalk on the magnetometer accuracy has been analyzed. It has been found that the inevitable crosstalk in the transverse coils has two components: one due to the applied magnetic flux and the other due to the secondary(More)
Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) based technology is nowadays the preferred option for low magnetic fields sensing in disciplines such as biotechnology or microelectronics. Their compatibility with standard CMOS processes is currently investigated as a key point for the development of novel applications, requiring compact electronic readout. In this paper,(More)