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  • Bergen, Norway, +260 authors Kiš
  • 2004
The CBM Collaboration proposes to build a dedicated heavy-ion experiment to investigate the properties of highly compressed baryonic matter as it is produced in nucleus-nucleus collisions at the future accelerator facility in Darmstadt. Our goal is to explore the QCD phase diagram in the region of moderate temperatures but very high baryon densities. The(More)
[1] Interdependence between El‐Niño/Southern Oscillation and Indian monsoon is analyzed with the use of Granger causality estimation from data for the period 1871–2006. Four different versions of the Niño‐3 and Niño‐3.4 index are used to check robustness of the results. We reveal a non‐symmetric bidirectional and even alternating character of coupling that(More)
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