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BACKGROUND This study examined the effect of sedation on the rate of complete colonoscopic examinations by a family physician performing colonoscopy at an urban family practice residency. The outcomes of biopsies and polypectomies performed during the period of the study were also evaluated. METHODS Data were prospectively collected on 164 consecutive(More)
The initial 227 consecutive prenatal ultrasound examinations by two family physicians in an urban community health center were compared with actual birth outcomes. Of 186 examinations for which follow-up information was available, 162 infants were represented. The sampling rate was 81%. No serious anomalies were noted by ultrasound. One placenta previa, one(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Physical examination (PE) skills among U.S. medical students have been shown to be deficient. This study examines the effect of a Web-based physical examination curriculum on first-year medical student PE skills. METHODS Web-based video clips, consisting of instruction in 77 elements of the physical examination, were created(More)
How long a resident must train to achieve competency is an ongoing debate in medicine. For family medicine, there is an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-approved proposal to examine the benefits of lengthening family medicine training from 3 to 4 years. The rationale for adding another year of residency in family medicine has(More)
Editor’s Note: Send submissions to Articles should be between 500–1,000 words and clearly and concisely present the goal of the program, the design of the intervention and evaluation plan, the description of the program as implemented, results of evaluation, and conclusion. Each submission should be accompanied by a 100-word abstract.(More)
Bacterial contaimination of endoscopes can be clinically significant. While current data suggest that flexible sigmoidoscopy may entail fewer risks than upper endoscopy, these data are too incomplete to draw this conclusion. Careful cleaning and disinfection after each procedure are recommended. Gas sterilization of the endoscope and gas or heat(More)
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