Eugene O Danilov

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In this paper, the photodynamics of three chromenes (2,2-spiro-adamantyl-7,8-benzo(2H)chromene, 2,2-diphenyl(2H)chromene and 2,2-diphenyl-5,6-benzo(2H)chromene) has been investigated by nano- and femtosecond time resolved techniques in hydrocarbon solutions at room temperature. Using pump-probe techniques, ultrafast steps of molecular dynamics(More)
Two different conformations of the triplet state of alkyl phenylglyoxylates were observed by means of time-resolved step-scan FT-IR spectroscopy. The amplitude of the peak corresponding to the sterically hindered conformation decreases as the size of the alkyl group increases. Both conformations exhibit similar reactivity in intermolecular hydrogen(More)
Step-scan time-resolved FT-IR spectra of alkyl phenylglyoxylates in hexane with a 4 cm(-1) spectral resolution reveal splitting of the transient absorption signal near 1650 cm(-1) into two closely located peaks with different lifetimes on the nanosecond time scale. This signal had been previously assigned to the triplet state of the starting material that(More)
The photochemistry of alkyl phenylglyoxylates (APG) was further investigated using time-resolved infrared spectroscopy. The primary focus was on the analysis of weak transient bands around 1828 and 1730 cm(-1) in the time-resolved FTIR spectra of glyoxylates. The observed transients were assigned to benzoyl and alkyl mandelate ester radicals, respectively.(More)
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