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Swizzling is a mechanism used by OODBs and persistent object systems to convert pointers from their disk format to a more efficient in-memory format. Previous studies of swizzling have focussed on analyzing the CPU overhead of pointer translation and studying trade-offs in different approaches to swizzling. In this paper, we show that there is an additional(More)
The SNOMED CT(R) July 2006 release was systematically examined using the CliniClue(R) terminology browser to identify SNOMED terms that might be relevant for the structured representation of respiratory disorders of the newborn infant. Three neonatologists evaluated 348 candidate terms for inclusion in a reference set. Two hundred and eighty-eight (83%)(More)
BACKGROUND Admission to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) may disrupt parent-infant interaction with adverse consequences for infants and their families. Several family-centered care programs promote parent-infant interaction in the NICU; however, all of these retain the premise that health-care professionals should provide most of the infant's care.(More)
This thesis presents a measurement-parameterized performance study of deployment factors in wireless mesh networks using four performance metrics: client coverage area, backhaul tier connectivity, protocol-dependent throughput, and per-user fair rates. For each metric, I identify and study deployment factors which strongly influence mesh performance via an(More)
Multihop wireless mesh networks can provide Internet access over a wide area with minimal infrastructure expenditure. In this work, we investigate key issues involved in deploying such networks including individual link characteristics, multihop application layer performance, and network-wide reliability and throughput. We perform extensive measurements in(More)
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