Eugene McGough

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We have devised and validated an indirect method for measuring the intramural pH in the stomachs of patients in the intensive care unit and have assessed its value in predicting the occurrence of massive hemorrhage from stress ulceration. The 103 patients, studied on an average of 3.8 +/- 0.6 consecutive days, were assigned to one of five groups: no(More)
In the years since the world's first successful bone marrow transplant (BMT) was performed at the University of Minnesota in 1968, the field of bone marrow transplantation has evolved rapidly. Stem cells can be obtained from a variety of sources: bone marrow from a matched sibling or unrelated donor (allogeneic transplant), bone marrow or peripheral blood(More)
Pressure support is a ventilatory mode, available with many microprocessor ventilators, which is patient-triggered, pressure-limited, and flow-cycled. This study compared the respiratory and hemodynamic effects of PS used as a stand-alone mode of ventilation with those of conventional patient-triggered, flow-cycled, assisted mechanical ventilation.(More)
A 3-year-old child had ischemia of the left-sided upper extremity secondary to embolic disease. Arteriography showed multiple idiopathic saccular aneurysms of the left subclavian artery. Coronary arteriograms were normal. Cerebral arteriography showed ectasia of the right common carotid artery, and abdominal aortography, aneurysms of the splenic and phrenic(More)
Asthma and bronchospastic disease are common in patients presenting for anesthesia. Intraoperative bronchospasm can be a life-threatening problem. One approach to these patients is to use regional anesthesia because it is believed that this will reduce the complication rate. Presented here is a case of bronchospasm occurring during regional anesthesia that(More)
BACKGROUND As intra- and interhospital transportation of ventilator-dependent patients has become more commonplace, the number of portable transport ventilators has increased. Transport ventilators should be capable of delivering consistent tidal volume (VT) from breath to breath following changes in lung-thorax compliance and airways resistance. We sought(More)
Transapical left ventricular bypass which withdraws blood directly from the left ventricular apex through a roller pump and outflow filter with return to the femoral artery has been applied in 6 patients with cardiac failure. All patients required total TALVB (with the aortic valve closed) for periods of one to 144 hrs, and 2 patients had recovery of(More)
The use of propofol as an induction agent for surgeries lasting less than 2 hours has been shown to result in a faster emergence from anesthesia. Our study was performed to analyze the impact of propofol on surgical procedures lasting longer than 2 hours. A convenience sample of 84 men and women undergoing nonemergency laparoscopic procedures scheduled for(More)
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