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The immunoglobulin heavy-chain (IgH) gene locus undergoes radial repositioning within the nucleus and locus contraction in preparation for gene recombination. We demonstrate that IgH locus conformation involves two levels of chromosomal compaction. At the first level, the locus folds into several multilooped domains. One such domain at the 3' end of the(More)
d) mice were from Taconic. Batf −/− mice on 129S6/SvEv, C57BL/6, and BALB/c background were used. Batf −/− mice on a 129S6/SvEv background were previously generated 2. Batf −/− mice were backcrossed five generation to the C57BL/6 background and eight generation to the BALB/c background. Aicda −/− mice were obtained from T. Honjo had reviewed and approved(More)
V(D)J recombination assembles antigen receptor genes in a well-defined order during lymphocyte development. This sequential process has long been understood in the context of the accessibility model, which states that V(D)J recombination is regulated by controlling the ability of the recombination machinery to gain access to its chromosomal substrates.(More)
Gene regulation relies on dynamic changes in three-dimensional chromatin conformation, which are shaped by composite regulatory and architectural elements. However, mechanisms that govern such conformational switches within chromosomal domains remain unknown. We identify a novel mechanism by which cis-elements promote long-range interactions, inducing(More)
DNA methylation is an important epigenetic modification involved in many biological processes and diseases. Many studies have mapped DNA methylation changes associated with embryogenesis, cell differentiation, and cancer at a genome-wide scale. Our understanding of genome-wide DNA methylation changes in a developmental or disease-related context has been(More)
The adaptive immune system endows mammals with a sophisticated mechanism to survive in a world filled with pathogens. This dynamic defense is generated by V(D)J recombination, which enables lymphocytes to uniquely interact with an enormous range of epitopes on foreign antigens. V(D)J recombination is a set of sequentially controlled DNA cleavage and repair(More)
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