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The uterus and its blood supply en bloc were successfully harvested with an aortic-caval macrovascular patch in animal and human cadaveric models. The objective of this study was to assess the technical feasibility of uterine allotransplantation in the rabbit. Six uterine allotransplants were performed. This involved harvesting the uterine allograft with an(More)
AIM To see if: (i) a large vessel aortocaval vascular patch technique may bring about long-term graft survival after allogeneic uterine transplantation (UTn) in a rabbit model; and (ii) fertility can be achieved following natural mating post-allogeneic UTn. METHODS Allogeneic uterine cross transplantations were performed in New Zealand white rabbits using(More)
The Dniester Notebook (Dnestrovskaya Tetrad) is a collection of problems in algebra, especially the theory of rings (both associative and nonassociative) and modules, which was first published in the Soviet Union in 1969. The second and third editions of 1976 and 1983 expanded the list of problems, and included comments on the current status of each problem(More)
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