Eugene Krissinel

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The CCP4 (Collaborative Computational Project, Number 4) software suite is a collection of programs and associated data and software libraries which can be used for macromolecular structure determination by X-ray crystallography. The suite is designed to be flexible, allowing users a number of methods of achieving their aims. The programs are from a wide(More)
Progress towards structure determination that is both high-throughput and high-value is dependent on the development of integrated and automatic tools for electron-density map interpretation and for the analysis of the resulting atomic models. Advances in map-interpretation algorithms are extending the resolution regime in which fully automatic tools can(More)
The Worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB; is the international collaboration that manages the deposition, processing and distribution of the PDB archive. The online PDB archive at is the repository for the coordinates and related information for more than 47 000 structures, including proteins, nucleic acids and large(More)
A new version of the popular software PISA for the analysis of macromolecular interfaces and identification of biological assemblies (complexes) from macromolecular crystal structures is presented. The new web server jsPISA has a substantially improved user interface, based on modern JavaScript technologies, and also new elements of analysis: assembly stock(More)
The Escherichia coli metabolome has been characterised using the two-dimensional structures of 745 metabolites, obtained from the EcoCyc and KEGG databases. Physicochemical properties of the metabolome have been calculated to provide an overview of this set of cognate ligands. A library of fragments commonly found among these molecules has been employed to(More)
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