Eugene Kopytov

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There is considered a two-level single-product inventory control system which controls correspondingly the wholesale's warehouse and the customers' warehouses. For delivering the product there has been organized a supply chain " producer – wholesaler – customer ". It is assumed that the customers and the wholesaler shape their stocks having in mind the(More)
In the given paper we investigate the problem of constructing a simulation model for the optimization of current stock of divisible productions in the warehouse. Criterion of optimization is minimum of average expenses for goods holding, ordering and losses from deficit and damage to the goods per time of season. The ExtendSim 8 package has been used as the(More)
The given research fulfils the evaluation of the efficiency of application of two universal simulation packages ExtendSim 8 and AnyLogic 6.7 for inventory control system simulation. In the study twenty eight evaluating criteria have been developed which are distributed in five groups: general, programming aspects, visualization, simulation and user support.(More)
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