Eugene Konstantinov

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We prove that a connected graph of diameter at least 4 and of girth 7 or more (in particular, a tree) can be exactly reconstructed from metric balls of radius 2 of all its vertices. On the other hand, there exist graphs of diameter 3 and of girth 6 which are not reconstructible. This new graph theory problem is motivated by reconstruction of chemical(More)
The authors demonstrated differences in heat state among workers exposed to heating microclimate during cold and warm seasons. Same external thermal load in cold season induces more humidity loss, lower weighted average skin temperature, higher pulse rate, increased systolic and diastolic blood pressure. With that, heat discomfort was more in cold season,(More)
Studies of heat state of human involved into physical work in heating environment and having various protective clothing on demonstrated value of the protective clothing in modifying thermal load on the body and possible decrease of this load through air temperature and humidity correction, shorter stay at workplace. The authors presented hygienic(More)
We report on a first measurement of tensor analyzing powers in quasielastic electron-deuteron scattering at an average three-momentum transfer of 1.7 fm 21. Data sensitive to the spin-dependent nucleon density in the deuteron were obtained for missing momenta up to 150 MeV͞c with a tensor polarized 2 H target internal to an electron storage ring. The data(More)
We report an absolute measurement of the tensor analyzing powers T 20 and T 22 in elastic electron-deuteron scattering at a momentum transfer of 1.6 fm 21. The novel approach of this measurement is the use of a tensor polarized 2 H target internal to an electron storage ring, with in situ measurement of the polarization of the target gas. Scattered(More)
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