Eugene Kazantsev

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In this paper, we look for an operator that describes the relationship between small errors in representation of the bottom topography in a barotropic ocean model and the model's solution. The study shows that the model's solution is very sensitive to topography perturbations in regions where the flow is turbulent. On the other hand, the flow exhibits low(More)
Variational data assimilation technique applied to identification of optimal approximations of derivatives near boundary is discussed in frames of one-dimensional wave equation. Simplicity of the equation and of its numerical scheme allows us to discuss in detail as the development of the adjoint model and assimilation results. It is shown what kind of(More)
A 4D-Var data assimilation technique is applied to a ORCA-2 configuration of the NEMO in order to identify the optimal parametrization of the boundary conditions on the lateral boundaries as well as on the bottom and on the surface of the ocean. The influence of the boundary conditions on the solution is analyzed as in the assimilation window and beyond the(More)
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