Eugene Joseph Strasser

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An objective grading system for the evaluation of cosmetic surgical results is presented. The ideal result for the specific procedure is the standard against which the surgical result is evaluated. This is based on the concept that perfection is the lack of imperfection. The result is graded based on identification of imperfections or flaws that deviate(More)
BACKGROUND Advocates of subglandular and subpectoral augmentations, respectively, each feel that the benefits of their method outweigh any drawbacks. OBJECTIVE A comparative analysis of subglandular and subpectoral augmentation results was undertaken over a decade to compare long-term results. METHODS Data were collected from 100 patients who underwent(More)
Two instances of extraperitoneal inguinal endometriosis are presented with a review of the previous reports of proven diagnosis. A high index of suspicion is needed to avoid needless prolonged observation. The diagnosis must be considered in any woman of childbearing age especially if the groin mass is associated with menstrual variability in size and in(More)
The course of three patients apparently struck by lightning is reviewed. The circumstances of the injury and the power of the lightning discharge are uncontrollable variables affecting morbidity and mortality. Immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation followed by careful clinical monitoring and aggressive treatment of involved organ systems will help most(More)