Eugene Ho

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This paper describes a new variable speed motion control system for washing machine applications. The system targets permanent magnet synchronous motors that are now being adopted by appliance manufacturers. Instead of using shaft position sensors, such as Hall devices, a sensorless algorithm estimate rotor angle based on measured stator currents and the(More)
Like many malignancies, increased glucose uptake is also found in activated inflammatory cells that raise great interest in the applications of FDG in evaluating inflammatory and infectious disorders. 18 F-FDG has been shown to accumulate in inflamed tissue including autoimmune induced vasculitis and inflamed athero-sclerotic lesions. Advantages of FDG(More)
Real-time access to large scientific and heterogeneous environmental data has prompted the need for the development of tools allowing efficient data storage, data compression, interactive data browsing, data manipulation, data visualization, searching, and downloading. In this paper we discuss some of the implementation requirements involved in the design(More)
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