Eugene Grudnikoff

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The aim of this study was to identify predictors of suicidality in youth presenting to a pediatric psychiatric emergency room service (PPERS). To this end, we conducted a retrospective cohort study of youth aged <18 years consecutively assessed by a PPERS 01.01.2002–12.31.2002, using a 12-page semi-structured institutional evaluation form and the Columbia(More)
OBJECTIVE Treatment with haloperidol has been shown, in studies using death certificates and prescription files, to be associated with an excess of sudden cardiac deaths, and regulatory warnings highlight this risk in patients with dementia. We used autopsy findings to determine whether the rate of sudden cardiac death is greater in cases of unexpected(More)
BACKGROUND The hospital outcome of patients with dementia is significantly worse than that of cognitively intact persons of the same age admitted to medical or surgical units but has not been investigated in psychiatric settings. AIM OF STUDY To determine the medical outcome of patients with dementia admitted for behavioral disturbance to a free-standing(More)
BACKGROUND Cognitive impairment in schizophrenia is disabling, but current treatment options remain limited. OBJECTIVE To meta-analyze the efficacy and safety of adjunctive antidepressants for cognitive impairment in schizophrenia. DATA SOURCES AND STUDY SELECTION PubMed, MEDLINE, PsycINFO, and Cochrane Library databases were searched until 12/2013 for(More)
OBJECTIVE Behavioral and psychiatric disorders are common in youth with rapid-onset obesity with hypothalamic dysfunction, hypoventilation, and autonomic dysregulation (ROHHAD). We outline a rational approach to psychiatric treatment of a patient with a complex medical condition. METHODS We report the course of symptoms in a teen with ROHHAD, the(More)
We aimed to describe the characteristics and disposition of youth referred from schools to the emergency department (ED) for psychiatric evaluations. Consecutive 12-month records of ED psychiatric consultations at a large urban hospital from 07.01.2009 to 06.30.2010 were retrospectively analyzed. School-initiated referrals were deemed inappropriate if youth(More)
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