Eugene Greenwood

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This paper presents a new algorithm for smoothly blending between two 2{D polygonal shapes. The algorithm is based on a physical model wherein one of the shapes is considered to be constructed of wire, and a solution is found whereby the rst shape can be bent and/or stretched into the second shape with a minimum amount of work. The resulting solution tends(More)
A. COMPUTER SYNTHESIZED TWO EXPERIMENTS HOLOGRAMS-In a previous report, we derived a new method for recording a complex function in the form of a real non-negative function. The new method has advantages over the conventional holographic method because it does not require a reference signal or a biasing constant in recording the complex wave front of an(More)
This report summarizes an E. E. thesis with the same title that was submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering, M. I. T. , in June 1970. Research has been conducted to establish a method for measuring the performance of an image-transmission system. The measurement criterion used in current research is the subjective response of observers. This(More)
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