Eugene F Loos

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OBJECTIVE This study investigated the effects of personalized audiovisual information in addition to text on website satisfaction and recall of cancer-related online information in older lung cancer patients. METHODS An experiment using a 3 (condition: text only vs. text with nonpersonalized video vs. text with personalized video) by 2 (age patient:(More)
This study examined the effect of adding cognitive and affective illustrations to online health information (vs. text only) on older adults' website satisfaction and recall of cancer-related information. Results of an online experiment among younger and older adults showed that illustrations increased satisfaction with attractiveness of the website. Younger(More)
BACKGROUND Health information is increasingly presented on the Internet. Several Web design guidelines for older Web users have been proposed; however, these guidelines are often not applied in website development. Furthermore, although we know that older individuals use the Internet to search for health information, we lack knowledge on how they use and(More)
This study examines how adults pay attention to cognitive and affective illustrations on a cancer-related webpage and explores age differences in the attention to these cognitive and affective webpages. Results of an eyetracking experiment (n = 20) showed that adults spent more time attending to the illustrations on the cognitive webpage than the(More)
What are the consequences of the ongoing process of informatisation for the democratic constitutional state? To answer this question a topical perspective of the constitutional state is provided. In this perspective, the constitutional state is portrayed as a ‘house’, an edifice to which new storeys and rooms have been added and furnished over the course of(More)
Online health information tools (OHITs) have been found to be effective in improving health outcomes. However, the effectiveness of these tools for older patients has been far from clear. This systematic literature review therefore provides an overview of online health information tool effectiveness for older patients using a two-dimensional framework of(More)