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This paper examines the limitations of Turing Machines as a complete model of computation, and presents several models that extend Turing Machines. Dynamic interaction of clients and servers on the Internet, an infinite adaptation from evolutionary computation, and robots sensing and acting are some examples of areas that cannot be properly described using(More)
The " Ocean SAmpling MObile Network " (SAMON) Project is a simulation testbed for Web-based interaction among oceanographers and simulation based design of Ocean Sampling missions. In this paper, the current implementation of SAMON is presented, along with a formal model based on process algebra. Flexible optimization handles planning, mobility, evolution,(More)
Feature selection is used to improve performance of learning algorithms by finding a minimal subset of relevant features. Since the process of feature selection is computationally intensive, a trade-off between the quality of the selected subset and the computation time is required. In this paper, we are presenting a novel, anytime algorithm for feature(More)
The Applied Research Laboratory Penn State University " Ocean SAmpling MObile Network " (SAMON) Project is developing the simulation testbed for the oceanographic communities interactions through the Web interface and the simulation based design of Autonomous Ocean Sampling Program missions. In this paper, a current implementation of the SAMON is presented,(More)