Eugene Diamond

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The effects of metabolic acidosis upon the pattern of apnea during sleep were assessed in ten sleep apnea patients. Four had pure obstructive apnea, two pure central apnea, and four had mixed apnea. Acidosis was induced with acetazolamide. Acid-base shifts had little effect in pure obstructive and pure central apnea, but had a significant effect in mixed(More)
Posturally-evoked vomiting (PEV) dissociated from vertigo was present in two patients with proven posterior fossa mass lesions. In both instances PEV was a major aspect of the patients' symptomatology before other findings clearly indicated the presence of an infratentorial mass lesion. A distinction is drawn between benign postural vertigo, which almost(More)
In a prospective study of 32 cases of brain death, gross and microscopic pathological appearances of the CNS were statistically analyzed and correlated with EEG and clinical findings. The diagnosis of a "respirator brain" is best made grossly after fixation, using commonly known gross pathological criteria. The microscopic changes are more unpredictable and(More)
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