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Because of the increasing interest in the personality factors in somatic disease, the type of case herein mentioned is worthy of our attention from a psychotherapeutic, social and mental hygiene standpoint. However, much knowledge is yet to be obtained before any definite conclusions can be reached concerning all factors in the symptomatology and treatment(More)
A previous communication of the writers concerned itself with data obtained in regard to 150 patients who were referred to the medical services of two general hospitals because of attempted suicide during a six-year period from 1932 to 1938. In the present paper, they are comparing the findings in that group with those obtained in a series of 150 suicidal(More)
In an effort to ascertain the reaction of individuals to organic disease, the writers investigated a series of 100 consecutive cases admitted to the ward medical service of a general hospital.t The majority of these persons were suffering from subacute organic disease. An analysis was made of these patients, with respect to adjustment to hospital routine,(More)
1. “Delvinal” sodium is a new sedative which except in the most disturbed cases, is effective in relatively small doses and possesses a wide margin of safety. 2. Its action compares favorably with that of sodium amytal. 3. It is of value in disturbed psychotic patients because of the mild and relatively infrequent toxic effects which occur following its(More)
This paper presents an analysis of 100 patients admitted consecutively to the Syracuse Psychopathic Hospital in whom a diagnosis was made of psychosis associated with an organic disorder. These cases consisted for the greater part of psychoses with acute infectious disease, with postinfectious states, with somatic disease, and with toxic, metabolic or(More)
In December, ]935, Prinzmetal and Bloomberg 1 directed attention to the stimulating effect of oral ingestion of the hydrochloride salt of benzedrine (racemic beta-phenylisopropylamine) on the central nervous system of patients with narcolepsy, and found this drug to be approximately three times as effective as ephedrine. In January, 1936, following these(More)
1. In the more acute phases of alcoholic psychoses, the toxic factors apparanetly predominate. 2. In the more protracted forms of alcoholic psychoses, the introverted personalities seem to predominate, although organic deterioration cannot be disregarded. 3. There appears to be need for a subdivision in the group of alcoholic psychoses to be designated(More)
Frequently in the intermediate type of delinquency the psychiatric approach can be used, personality studies are of value, a period of readjustment can be planned, coordination between agencies can be secured and the community can accept this type. The two cases presented above are representative. However, there are cases in this group which present(More)
Play, story, puppet and drama techniques have been used in tile s tudy and t reatment of normal children and those with behavior disorders. Piaget, 1 Isaaes, ~ Levy, ~ Schilder and Bender, 4 Bender and Woltmann, '~ and Despert and Potter , G have discussed the subject in recent contributions. While engaged in some corrective and remedial educational speech(More)
In this communication, the writers are cominuing the discussion of therapeutic procedures used in the clinic at the Syracuse Psychopathic Hospital. They are stressing the point of focus of the therapy, which varies with the subgroups described in previous papers. Organization of the clinic was outlined in the last preceding article, Part V of this series. 1(More)