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The University of Minnesota Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Center has been examining the multiple dimensions and the scientific evidence required to determine the feasibility of tobacco harm reduction as a means to reduce tobacco-related mortality and morbidity. Because of the complexity associated with exploring this area, an interdisciplinary(More)
The authors examined whether expert testimony serves an educational or a persuasive function. Participants watched a simulated sexual abuse trial in which the child witness had been prepared for her testimony (i.e., she was calm, composed, and confident) or unprepared (i.e., emotional, confused, and uncertain). The trial contained different levels of expert(More)
The concept of social capital reflects the norms and social relations embedded in the social structure of societies that enable people to coordinate community action to achieve desired goals. Our research focuses on the role that norms of cooperation and civic and political culture play in addressing the " digital divide " in computer use and Internet(More)
The first Supreme Court case to use psychological research on sex stereotyping was Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins. The case was decided in May 1989 and remanded to Judge Gerhard Gesell, who rendered his final decision in May 1990. In this case, a social psychological expert testified to the antecedent conditions, indicators, consequences, and remedies of(More)
It is frequently the case that independent variables in experimental designs in social psychology are defined in relationship to levels of other independent variables. For instance, an experimental design in social cognition research might examine the effects of two different expectations on memory for information that is either consistent with the first(More)
INTRODUCTION Providing accurate information about the constituents in nicotine-containing products may help tobacco users make informed decisions about product choices. An experimental study examined a novel approach for presenting accurate constituent information about brands and types of smokeless tobacco (SLT) that could be understood by the general(More)
This investigation explored how right-wing authoritarianism (RWA) and endorsement of egalitarian beliefs may interact to determine attitudes toward immigrants, homosexuals, and African Americans. Study 1 (N = 239) found that RWA was negatively related to evaluations of immigrants for those who weakly endorsed egalitarian beliefs. In contrast, endorsement of(More)