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  • Markus Brauer, Charles M Judd, Bernadette Park We, Willem Koomen, Eugene Borgida, Fabio Lorenzi-Cioldi +4 others
  • 1999
It is frequently the case that independent variables in experimental designs in social psychology are defined in relationship to levels of other independent variables. For instance, an experimental design in social cognition research might examine the effects of two different expectations on memory for information that is either consistent with the first(More)
Research on role congruity theory and descriptive and prescriptive stereotypes has established that when men and women violate gender stereotypes by crossing spheres, with women pursuing career success and men contributing to domestic labor, they face backlash and economic penalties. Less is known, however, about the types of individuals who are most likely(More)
Simply go to and login there with your Internet ID (X500). Once logged in, you will be able to see the link to 5202 or go to: No sub-field of theory and research is more identified with the field of social psychology than the study of attitudes and persuasion processes. The relationship between attitudes and social behavior and the(More)
  • Philip G Chen, Jacob Appleby, Eugene Borgida, Timothy H Callaghan, Pierce Ekstrom, Christina E Farhart +1 other
  • 2014
We are grateful to the Center for the Study of Political Psychology at the University of Minnesota, and especially to Center director Joanne Miller, for the Center's generous financial support of the multi-investigator 2012 Presidential election panel study. We also would like to extend our collective gratitude to Tom Lindsay and Andrew Sell in the Office(More)
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