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We have presented a classification scheme to help in evaluating the diagnosis of stridor in the pediatric patient. The correct diagnosis can usually be arrived at on the basis of a careful and complete history, physical examination, appropriate radiographic studies and bronchoscopy. The anesthesiologist should be aware of the problems associated with all(More)
The development of minicomputers and microprocessors allows the paper and pencil records to be replaced by electronic records. Data from medical practice stored in paper form disappear in the jaws of office files and hospital record rooms. Only a fraction are retrieved for retrospective studies. Records kept in electronic form are immediately available and(More)
The vicissitudes of envy comprise some of the most powerful relationships between people. Originally viewed as a character trait, envy is now viewed as occurring in two-person interpersonal interactions. The therapeutic situation is therefore an ideal context in which to examine envy on the part of both therapist and patient. Envy is an intense affect,(More)
Interest in diarrhoeal disease was intensified following the appointment of a subcommittee on enteritis in infancy by the Preventive Medicine Committee of the Medical Research Council. I am indebted to Dr. A. S. M. Macgregor, a member of the committee, for the suggestion to compile this review of the prevalence of the diarrhoeal diseases in Glasgow, with(More)
This paper defines and demonstrates mechanisms of denial, disavowal, and minimization as they operate in telephone contacts between patient or family member and the physician. The physician needs to be cognizant that such mechanisms, operating in both physicians and patients, distort patient's reports of their observations of their illnesses or those of(More)
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