Eugene Barkan

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Plant production in the sea is a primary mechanism of global oxygen formation and carbon fixation. For this reason, and also because the ocean is a major sink for fossil fuel carbon dioxide, much attention has been given to estimating marine primary production. Here, we describe an approach for estimating production of photosynthetic oxygen, based on the(More)
A bloom of the unicellular green alga Dunaliella parva (up to 15 000 cells m1−1) developed in the upper 5 m of the water column of the Dead Sea in May-June 1992. This was the first mass development of Dunaliella observed in the lake since 1980, when another bloom was reported (up to 8800 cells m1−1). For a bloom of Dunaliella to develop in the Dead Sea, two(More)
[1] We present a global model to infer past biosphere productivity using the record of triple isotopic composition of atmospheric oxygen. Our model incorporates recent determinations of the mass-dependent relationships between dO and dO associated with leaf transpiration and various O2 uptake processes. It also considers the spatial and seasonal variations(More)
An improved procedure of (18)O/(16)O ratio measurements by means of oxygen conversion to CO(2) is developed, which allows one to obtain the true δ(18)O values with a precision of ±0.05‰ in oxygen samples down to 7 μmol. The isotopic exchange between quartz glass and oxygen gas was measured in the temperature range of 600-900 °C, and it was found to be less(More)
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