Eugene A. Gryazin

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Recent developments in mobile technologies and associated economics of scale via mature manufacturing processes have made possible the construction of pervasive systems in specific application areas. In this paper we discuss a novel type of retail service based on wireless and mobile technologies for the automated replenishment of home product supplies. The(More)
This article presents an analysis and comparison of two middleware technologies: CORBA and SOAP/Web Services. Particularly, their applicability for building of mobile distributed applications was considered. The comparison was done with respect of the mobile wireless environment limitations such as low bandwidth, low channel reliability, and limiter(More)
This article is a deep analysis and comparison of CORBA and SOAP/Web Services as two middleware solutions for resource limited mobile applications. The main parameters of these protocols are measured and classified for easy understanding of advantages and disadvantages in the mentioned solutions for lightweight Communicator-type mobile devices in highly(More)
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