Eugene A. Badea

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The humoral and cellular immune status of C57BL/6 male mice and "R" male rats bearing MC-induced sarcomas were investigated in vitro, using 51Cr-releasing and mixed hemadsorption assays. Analysis was performed on mice subjected to concomitant tumor immunity (CTI) model experiments or bearing primary tumors of different sizes, that was done also in rats.(More)
After the resection of methylcholanthrene-induced fibrosarcomas, representing 1--2% of total body weight, "R" rats were immunized with glutaraldehyde-fixed tumor cells, irradiated sublethally [0.1419 C kg-1 (550 R)], and restored immunologically by thymus, spleen and bone marrow cells. Afterwards, 87.5% of them were able to reject a viable challenge cell(More)
Two multivalent immunotoxins (ITs) with cytotoxic potential against Thy 1.2-expressing tumor cells were used in association with mouse interleukin 2 (IL2) for treatment of mice bearing ascitic EL4 lymphomas. The combined treatment, ITs + IL2, induced an enhanced antitumor effect revealed by a significant prolongation of the survival time of mice as compared(More)
Concomitant tumor immunity evinced by C57BL/6 mice, bearing a MC-induced sarcoma, was evaluated by graded challenge doses for different primary tumor sizes (2-3,4-6,8-12% tumor weight of the total body weight TW/TBW). 100% of mice bearing tumors, representing 2--6% of total body weight, rejected doses from 0.2--1 X 10(4) cells. The gradual curtailment of(More)
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