Eugen Mamontov

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well-known bio-physicists, living fluids cannot be modelled within the frames of the fundamental assumptions of the statistical-mechanics formalism. One has to go beyond them. The present work does it by means of the generalized kinetics (GK), the theory enabling one to allow for the complex stochasticity of internal properties and parameters of the fluid(More)
Homeorhesis is a necessary feature of any living system. If a system does not perform homeorhesis, it is nonliv-ing. The present work develops the sufficient conditions for the ODE model to describe homeorhesis and suggests the structure of the model. The proposed homeorhesis model is fairly general. It treats homeorhesis as piecewise homeostasis. The model(More)
Ships and other ocean structures have components, which are thin planar or curvilinear viscoelastic solid layers surrounded by air or water. The present work deals with the identification of material parameters of these layers to extend the scope of the real-time structural health monitoring. The work proposes the approach to the parameter identification(More)
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