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This paper describes UAIC1’s Question Answering for Machine Reading Evaluation systems participating in the QA4MRE 2013 evaluation task. We submitted two types of runs, both type of runs based on our system from 2012 edition of QA4MRE, and both used anaphora resolution system. Differences come from the fact the textual entailment component was used or not.(More)
This paper describes the architecture of UAIC 1 ’s Summarization system participating at MultiLing – 2013. The architecture includes language independent text processing modules, but also modules that are adapted for one language or another. In our experiments, the languages under consideration are Bulgarian, German, Greek, English, and Romanian. Our method(More)
What does a novel bring to a reader? What can it bring to a machine? Are there chances that a machine will decipher the messages a book expresses in free language? Part of the content of a text is encoded in relations between entities. In order to decode them, algorithms make use of learning techniques in which the training is guided by corpora that make(More)
The talk will present UBY, a large-scale resource integration project based on the Lexical Markup Framework (LMF, ISO 24613:2008). Currently, nine lexicons in two languages (English and German) have been integrated: WordNet, GermaNet, FrameNet, VerbNet, Wikipedia (DE/EN), Wiktionary (DE/EN), and OmegaWiki. All resources have been mapped to the LMF-based(More)
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