Eugénie d'Alessandro

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BACKGROUND Our study analyses the main determinants of refusal or acceptance of the 2009 A/H1N1 vaccine in patients with cystic fibrosis, a high-risk population for severe flu infection, usually very compliant for seasonal flu vaccine. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We conducted a qualitative study based on semi-structured interviews in 3 cystic fibrosis(More)
In this article, we propose a history of Médecins Sans Frontières's control activities to fight human african trypanosomiasis. Through this history are enlightening medical innovations in the scope of diagnostic and treatment of the disease. MSF investing will focus successively on (1) epidemiological and clinical diagnosis, (2) existing drugs evaluation(More)
BACKGROUND Togo is one of the West African countries in which HIV prevalence remains high in the general population. Several HIV prevention interventions have targeted truck drivers. The purpose of this study was to describe and analyse the perceptions of truck drivers with respect to the HIVprevention message of the <<Roulez Protégé>> billboard. METHODS(More)
In industrialized countries, the emergence of potentially pandemic influenza virus has invited reactions consistent with the potential threat represented by these infectious agents. However, with globalization, controlling epidemics depends as much on an effective global coordination of control methods as on preparedness of northern and southern national(More)
In hospital care, management of the risk of infection represents a crucial issue. Nevertheless, this question remains a neglected area in anthropological research, especially in African countries. To shed new light on this question, we conducted an anthropological investigation in the infectious disease department of a hospital in Niger. Daily observation(More)
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